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Computer Logistics (previously operating under the name Rock & Roll Computers) has been catering to the advanced technological needs as well as more simplified goals of both large and small, local and particular businesses within range.

With the skilled eyes of Eric Otten, our Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, alongside his ingenious partner Kevin Stormer, little to nothing goes under the radar without quickly being pulverized and used to fuel the well oiled machines they have set up, monitored, built from the ground up, or polished back to health for the pleasure, satisfaction, needs, and security of their highly regarded business clients. They are backed by Wayne Schatzman, a highly skilled tech with a strong work ethic, who knocks out anything from the knitty gritty laboring demands of cables, cords and all of the behind the scenes components, right down to constructing and building the computers by hand just as well, working long hours to assure the smooth operation of any business demand with ease.

Computer Logistics has the team to take on nearly any business need ranging from but not limited to virus and spyware removal, networking, building personalized computers, BSD systems for email & web hosting, minor data recovery and so on. Someone made a boo boo? Not a problem! We can get your information back nearly every time. In fact we’ve never lost important data for our clients, nor have we experienced a lengthy downtime with our servers and to prove it we will back you with a 5 year warranty on contract.

Need a custom built top of the line server to secure data and ensure the success as well as personal information involved with your business? We do that too! In fact some of our clients have been pleased to see their over-all sales increase in percentage in just a short amount of time with the help of our networking and problem solving expertise.

Computer Logistics has 35 years of experience and a great reputation for good reason! If your business needs require expert, trustworthy, and consistent services, please feel free to contact Rachel Sizemore, our handy dandy tech desk right hand in charge of keeping us organized and dealing in public relations, urgency reporting, monitoring and creating appointments to keep everyone on an even keel and to first and foremost keep Computer Logistics making you a happy customer, year after year.

PHONE: (812) 801-5087